Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cheap Post

We speak of building world class products, but the bid goes to the cheapest bidder; we speak of hiring the best talent, but the offer goes to the one who agrees to the cheapest salary in that bracket; we give gyan about world class services, but acquire the cheapest machines; we speak about getting the best partner, but only like that one that is most comfortable to what we think ? .. .eh ? so basically, the world sucks, because it mostly has all the cheapest guys in the wrong places; most relationships are sore, because - most got a cheap partner, and about everything else - we do not have the time to think - afterall time is "expensive" - did I say expensive - /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\__________


Nada said...

LOVED it!!!!!!

sajidms said...

very nice! I'd comment more but I have to rush, and time is expensive ;)

AmNoDifferent said...

You are still NO different, mate!

But you are surely heading towards the 'post 30' changes. You are arrving. Appreciated.

Moses John Wesley said...

@ AmNoDiferent -

lol - so you create / have a ID name that reads "AmNoDifferent" to leave a comment to say, that I am NO different :P

Ouch - did that bite? - ROFL

Either ways - I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

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