Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Origin and Meaning of Time

This is a partial extract of an Article by Joe Boot, Director, RZIM Canada

“Once upon a point of infinite density, Nothing that was Something went ‘Boom!’ then there was Everything. Everything eventually named Something ‘Matter,’ the tragic character in our story. Sadly, Matter had no mind, yet this makes our tale all the more amazing!”

“Now matter had only one companion, the hero of our fable, a mysterious stranger of unknown origin called Chance. Chance, though blind, was a brilliant artist. Chance taught mindless Matter to paint and paint our pupil did. Matter painted a universe from center to rim on the canvas of a vacuum. And lo, innumerable galaxies emerged filled with infinite wonders, beauty, order, and life. The inspired brush strokes of ignorant Matter, guided by the hands of blind Chance, created together a cosmic masterpiece. But as Matter and Chance were working away they failed to spot out the villain called Time. Time crept in unnoticed back at the boom and was extremely wound up about being stirred from his sleep. Time determined there and then to wind down again and thus rub the masterpiece out—as soon as he got hold of that Chance! Chance, being blind, didn’t see Time coming and mindless Matter was helpless to intervene.”

“Now, Time ruins the painting little by little and brags that by Chance it’s just a Matter of Time before the canvas is blank and the boom will swoon and Everything that was Something will be Nothing again, once more upon a pointless point of infinite nothingness, with no Time for Chance to Matter anymore.”

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Arjun said...

nothing really matters anymore.
time'n'chance..... it always comes down to that my friend

Intimate Thoughts said...

ya... you can say that... you are on a different plane now.. .haha.

lots of nice things sire? and lots of happiness...and lots of ....

Arjun said...

well there's that thing about happiness... nothing matters anymore, time flies by and you can take all chances you want