Monday, March 06, 2006

What is that we look for, while on our stint on this earth?

Black boy in Chicago
Playing in the street
Not near enough to wear
Not near enough to eat
Don't you know he saw it
On a July afternoon
He saw a man named ArmstrongWalk upon the moon

Young girl in Calcutta
Barely eight years old
The flies that swarm the market place
Will see she don't get old
Don't you know she heard it
On that July afternoon
She heard a man named Armstrong
Had walked upon the moon

The rivers are getting dirty
The wind is getting bad
War and hate are killing off
The only earth we have
But the world all stopped to watch it
On that July afternoon
To watch a man named Armstrong
Walk upon the moon

And I wonder if a long time ago
Somewhere in the universe
They watched a man named Adam
Walk upon the earth
- Nanci Griffith

What is it that makes it so important of our stint on EARTH?There is a whole universe that watches us, right from the moment we step on the Earth – There is rejoicing in Heaven of another soul being born, bubbled joys in the family of a new born dream, and with each passing day – there are more and more people watching our little stint on earth.

Some of the things that I think we all are watched are for –

The Ending is more important than how it began –
Man lives for 70 years, but when the audience from a distant horizon looks upon us against the grand canopy of eternity, we are but a speck.

This makes me wonder - is it all worthwhile that we strive for so many a things in life. Does the “reality of present” cataract the grandeur of eternity, which we choose to barter for a few moments of – Glory, Gratified Passions, Indulgence, Subsistence and Ethos.

If only each one of us got a chance to hear what people would speak at our ‘funerals’ would we die all over again?

Quoting C.S. Lewis -There is something that unites Magic with the Modern Minds, while separating it from the wisdom of the sages of ancient times.
The Question for the Ancient was – How do I confirm my soul to Objective reality? – The Answer is Virtue, Discipline.
The Question today is – how can I reconfigure reality, to be confirmed to my passions? The answer is ‘Technique’

The hook of reason -
I guess there, in the views of an existentialist (living for the moment), as against a utopian (the ever optimistic perfectionist) and the Transcendentalist (hope to gain by transcending, but stuck in the past) originate any of the reasons to our stint on earth. I left out Pragmatists – will deal with them later.

To state a fact like - It’s somewhere conjured in the accepted ‘norms’ of civilized society that – a gentleman is one who can say a ‘Thank you’ for good, “I am sorry” when he does something wrong – and the more one says these, the more ‘social’ we are looked as?

There is something that always haunts me with this kind of approach – Was this a natural sensitivity (that we say a thank you or a sorry) or is it a natural preservation (survival) since we are against the brick?

God – Where are Thou?
From the Theist to the Atheist, from the preacher to the follower, from the saint to the sinner, from man’s life to death – ‘God’ is the pivotal point of every thought for or against. So, the most important question comes to the foray – What is it between God and Man, and how does our stint on this earth affect this?

Whether we like it or now, there is something deeply soul(ish) about us. Infact, it’s this soul-isheness that makes us what we call ‘human’.

Our stint on earth is the preparation ground for the ultimate union with God again. So, it should be our Endeavour to have that relationship with GOD. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Way, The Truth and The giver of Life, and depending on whether we accept the gift of salvation while on Earth, and unless we constantly pursue GOD – we will be left with the Question for Eternity – God –Where are Thou?

Notes to myself -
At different points of time in life, many a people perceive and view us in different angles. Each of us is a unique and a strong composition of various dimensions. Based on how we interact with different people, different facets of us come to the foray.

In any relationship (I call it human interactions at any level - business, personal, family, emotional, spiritual and others), when things go fine, there are a certain set of traits that draw us to the people we like - and the focus remains on the good. To some extent euphoria is generated and a sense of “well being” carries it through the initial phases. In this sense of euphoria, we sometimes miss, yes we “MISS”, to keep establishing the anchors of our personality, which will go in establishing a long term stint.
I end on this note – It’s the Jiving and emasculation of reality, the hope of the future, the learning of the past that make a day worthwhile. Of twenty and seven years, how many are the moments that I can count as moments that defined my stint on this earth? I look forward to leave a trail that I hope would make my stint worthwhile.
And I wonder if a long time from now
Somwhere in the universe
They would recall watching a man called John
Walk upon the earth

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Anonymous said...

John - Knowing you for substancial time - I do not know if I should welcome the philospher that rising from you, or..wonder if everything with you is alright.

bottom line - amazing thoughts. I hope that you are still the same old mischevious fun loving guy, and dinn transfrom into a long faced guy - based on your blogs.