Friday, April 20, 2007

Pain, Pleasure and Meaningless thereof....

These words jarringly resound to a point of cacophony in the head, that you wonder whether the quiet that is disturbed is a mathematical consequence of a series of actions you have taken, or another dictum enforced in the myriads of fate, or the moving of the mysterious hand of an infinite God, or just about a tyranny of thoughts in a point in time and context battle?

As humans, by sheer survival instincts that we have developed over the last many thousands of years (either by the ‘survival of fittest’ theory or by the ‘rapid pushing of the limits in science, civilization and thought’), we are seasoned, equipped to deal and define our existence to start with and thereby the quality of life by the pain we are subjected to, the pain we can deal with, and the pain we can at will can cause on another human being.

It’s awing to see that the seemingly correct answer to pain is ‘to pleasure’ and here we go down the hill, on a ride of pleasure to conquer pain!

Pleasure at its core is a just a state of well being in the head, where the cacophony in the head is quieted down and adrenalin is pumped to the desired levels we chose by the type of pleasure we indulge in – I use the word indulge, because that starting point of ‘pleasure in order to deal with pain’ is the willful tyranny to suppress the noises around.

Being defined by pain, dealt by pain, and subjected pain and moving on to pleasure with a not so subtle hope of finding meaning in all of it, and we wonder, what was it that all of this means – more questions arise after the bubble of pleasure is punctured, and we redefine ourselves back in terms of pain, the pleasure thereof, and come to a grand conclusion – “Meaninglessness”

The pivotal reason to move from pain to pleasure is to get a bigger sense of autonomy of ourselves, and about you – on a path of self-fulfillment!

In the words of Daniel Yankelovich - The individual is not truly fulfilled by becoming ever more autonomous. Indeed, to move too far in this direction is to risk psychosis, the ultimate form of autonomy. The injunction to find one’s self, one must lose one’s self, contains the truth any seeker of fulfillment needs to grasp”

At this time with a tiny little pause, what really is the truth that we so desperately keep seeking, and in the process juggle with pleasure, pain and the meaninglessness thereof?

The truth is just that deep within, there is a quest to be fulfilled, and this goes beyond the apparent ramifications of the physical, mental or emotional – but start and after a long winding path end at something we call, as the quest for the spirit – GOD!

The only way the coins flip in this infinite loop is to find that anchor element of GOD, a personal relationship with Him and the meaning that’s derived thereof.

As much as with pleasure, remembering Chesterton - Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain, but from being weary of pleasure, and I add, both together push us deeper into “meaninglessness”

I am on a holiday, a much needed one, to think, to pause and to cheer myself up – and at the end of a little part of the great holiday, I see the juggle, a little cacophony muffled, and a little pleasure indulged, and a great deal of meaningless fought and some meaning derived.


Xai said...

real good one

azzablanca said...

Where do you fit immunization to pain, excruciating pain, when it is meaningless to seek pleasure or any other form of "correct answer"? Is it then that 'meaningless' permeates every step in the process flow of life, disregarding all assumptions, gospels even?
How does one rationalize the irrational painless, whose rationale is comprehended by only those who understand pain and yet defy it?

whirlwind said...

@ azzablanca
Immunization to pain - Are we really immune to pain - never - however how we react to the same pain is different - and that basically asserts the same point - we define ourselves on the pivotal point of 'pain'

Pleasure on the other note, except legitimate pleasure within the context of a boundary and a commitment is a true joy - Indulgent pleasure most often tried as an antidote to pain leads to meaniglessness and empty moments, and hits one the moment is passed.

What are the assumptions in the Gospels (I assume the christian Gospels) - Gospels do not define themselves on the pain, but the trouble of evil,and the hope and free gift of salvation, leading to pure joy and happines.

Irrationale pain - again, if the proper sense of logic and rationale prevail, a lot of pain disappears, but as humans, we still define ourselves by the pain we deal with, and the pain we can inflict.!!!

the bottom line -
Pain is real, pleasure is real - Pleasure alone cannot solve pain - treat the root of why it pains -
There are many a world views on this - the one I believe - Its an anchor in God and the personal realtionship that you share, and the free gift of salvation that will help you break this seemingly endless circle.

Would be nice talking with you.
You know how to reach me - leave your credential too?

john - 9885908133