Wednesday, August 29, 2007

In the ebb

Words never cease to amaze me, and how there are so many different words to express the great myriad of constantly (?) changing human emotions!

I wonder many times, what about people who really do not have a good vocabulary? Does having a limited vocabulary mean that the person has fewer emotions to deal with?

If Yes – Whoa!
If No – Then s/he will express different emotions in the same way, there by; no one really knows what s/he is really going through!

Now let’s take the converse:
Great Vocabulary – specific words to express every thing – Whoa!
But, how many out there really understand every single word? End result - no one really knows what s/he is really going through!


What irony!

And there are moments, when words just fail. You want to speak, but really do not know what to speak – All that you really want is a calm assurance saying – it’s okay, and know that you are just off at this moment.

2 places where this assurance comes from –

First - God – for He knows everything, controls the times, and can bless you with peace as long as you seek His presence and bow in His presence to His Holy Will. And He loves you, has far more Grace & Patience than we can ever imagine.

Second - Close friends - for they are the ones who can hug you and still love you just the same, even though you are down on a bad day.

As much as with the title – The words just surfaced out of no-where!
Much lighter now – I sleep

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Anonymous said...

Assure you of our love for you always.....

Mom, Dad, Akka