Monday, October 15, 2007

Single, available and in the US

Well, like I stated it many times – You can do well in India (both numerically and otherwise), and it does not always mean that only the best go to the land of infinite promises, but a few choose to stay back too.

Here I am, in usa-puram (like I called it all along) and much to the disappointment of many people back home, I am not the excited jack, pumping excitement.

Touch down at Newark – the first thought that crosses my mind – Hey John, you are in the US – Single, available and not sleepy. The single part is important, and has a small history to it.

Rewind to the winter of 2000 – Young (ya really young), the flamboyant yuppie of a PM, chosen against all odds to head to the US, to be the guy to manage the new line of business, the company had bet its money on.

Standing in the simmering heat of Chennai, outside the American Consulate, even before I entered the fortified building, a strange thought crossed my head – You will not go to the US till you are married. Really strange, I thought.

45 Minutes later, I am heading out of the consulate, with a “potential immigrant” stamp on my passport, for the consulate officer saw no reason why I would come back to India, after asking 3 ‘important ‘ questions. Age, Pay and the Title of the job. And many a times, somehow many trips got planned- I backed out on some and logistics backed out on some! So, somewhere I thought, hmm, maybe that feeling was right.

Now, settled in, joined a gym, renting cars, driving 300 miles for fun, got in touch with some real old friends (after 7 years!!), and lots more.

I hope that I will blog every day from now ,and some video and picture blogs are underway


Arjun said...

you seem satisfied.. or should i say content!!
That's nice.. finally a peace - of sorts

whirlwind said...

hehhehe .. :-)