Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr. Monk and "The End"

Mr.Monk finally comes to an end after 8 seasons.

This is one of the nice memories I carried from the US. Watched couple of episodes, and got hooked on to it so much – I got the first 6 season DVDs shipped to me from HongKong. (Yes, not sold in India, not beamed and all that crap)

And finally, I found a way to watch (online) and keep up with the last 2 seasons of Monk. I feel sad many times, that this (among some of my favorite shows) doesn’t get beamed in India and can’t access it legally online – so, some IP masking and shit like that – today, with a lag of 8 days (another internet rule / restriction), I watch the final episode.

Now that the final episode is done, I feel a little like Monk himself – everything solved and nothing more to work (err watch :-) )

It truly was a brilliant series and gave me many refreshing and happy moments.

Kudos to all entire crew and cast of Monk.

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