Wednesday, February 02, 2011


That’s the word on my mind these days!

I wonder how and why we subscribe, chase and almost kill ourselves and everyone else, with an overdose of everything. Quality is fast being replaced with Quantity – Yes, I want those 300 links from Google, but after the endless surfing, often wonder – how I wish someone just gave what was needed – Just exactly to the point.

Walk to a coffee shop, tired and zonked, and you ask for a simple double shot – “sir – would you like chocolate sauce with this? Add extra shot of coffee (hehehhe yes – that happened for real), want whipped cream on this – ewwww !!! - and you wonder, where were those days, when you just got that one shot of coffee. Yes, there are days you want to indulge, but then - most days are normal and you just want your good old simple stuff.

The breadth, width, height, density and viscosity of information often kills the beauty of the entire being / thing / transaction. (This statement is an example of it – I could have simply said – hey, I don’t understand – can you keep it to the point?)

Something most fascinating in the brevity world; The blind-date-document-mode side of the business(RFPs), where the service provider thinks they are expected to deliver euphoria of potentially saved $, and cater to the guys actual need to get his next promotion – however, one paradox I fail to understand – the Service Requirer (hehhe ~client) wants specific brief responses, and the service provider believes that they should establish their credentials over and over again. So, if I say the same story in 10 pages, instead of 4 lines – it becomes better ?

Since this is a blind date – how about this – Hey, I am this, xx yrs in business, and I will not insult your intelligence by telling how big and good and worthy and qualified and better and smarter etc I am - you already approached me – so let me give you in one page how I can help you. We can provide you answers to all questions that you have based on this?


Slide 1-10 (how I grew from being a t-shirt ripper to white shirt wearer)
Slide 11-20 (how my t-shirt is better than any other t-shirt you would even think of, or even thought of)
Slide 21-22 (okay – my solution)
Slide 23-33 (how organized, and civilized and mature and robust the process is)
Slide 34 (my deliverables)
Slide 35-42 (how wonderful our relationship would be)
Slide 43…. zzzzZZZZZZZZZZ

hello …frantic conf calls – we have an emergency – need a one page summary, and a small 2 pager answering the real questions, and please guys don’t send such long answers.

No wonder, even college admission forms come with word limit these days.

Brevity – just relevant and nice.

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