Thursday, July 27, 2006

..and I am happy!

In the running mills of time, engaged in an endless race to outperform yourself, and missing out the beautiful scenery on the road by being more bothered about the time lost in braking, comes a pause…

A pause where time stands still, every worry disappears, feel so happy and contented… and you wonder why?

When I think, it knocks on me that – today is one of those days, when I am so relaxed, content with myself, happy for everything I have & dont, and live without any expectation!. I want to write a lot, but some things just need to be indulged and lived ...and Thank You Sam for making the morning so wonderful.

…and I am Happy!


CLS said...

...and you're smiling... and you're happy... and i'm telling you johnny, you're in louve with this sam character whoever she is who you dumped the goddess for... :P

Enigmatic said...

So...someone stood in teh rain and watched it fall.... am sure you enjoyed it.

what would it be like to lie sand on a deep dark night and watch the clouds pass by?...

Intimate Thoughts said...

will begin to wonder dark is dark!.. Ever felt darkness (not the scary way)??

it's brilliant. !!

Enigmatic said...

yes.... in teh still of teh night with slivers of light trying to enter teh dark... i felt illuminated

Intimate Thoughts said...

enigmatic: how dark is dark..?
enigmatic: u always think on those lines in all situations?
john: as in ?
enigmatic: must be sure.
enigmatic: as in ..on scientific/logical lines..
john: no logic...or scientific..
john: this is what I used to do..
john: my friend and I would drive off on the bike to a lake at 12 or 1 in the night..
enigmatic: hmm.
john: its a highway..
enigmatic: wow..:)
john: and you get off the road...and travel along the lake..
john: so you are practically away from the artificial light of the city too..
john: drive at full speed and...When you know that ther is atlest half a KM straingt and clear...
john: turn of the lights on the bike and drive....
john: thats when you know how dark can dark be..
john: you can "feel" darkness..
enigmatic: :)
john: if it was a moonless and a cloudy night...even brilliant..
john: its amazing.
enigmatic: :)