Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Are the lines really that blurred?

This blog is dedicated to the “warrior of cognition” – Sarbani. One with whom I could not agree on anything professionally, but still a good friend.

Cognition” - I say is one bad word!

Coming from the world I lived for the last 5 yrs of work – that’s one risky statement to make - enough to piss off someone who would swear by the word and can kill to retain its meaning – You see that’s how I define Cognition.

We continually measure everything against some arbitrary line that exists (don’t know where), but it does!, and we have our reasons for the same. Assuming that this line exists, are the lines really that blurred?

I guess not – No line is blurred, it either because we see (focus) past the line or before that line, that the line per se appears blurred. For Example – if I were to say – that “cognition is a bad word!”, where does it become bad or good? The way I see as being blurred is “the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning”

So, we make the lines blurred bases on “the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning”. BTW – That’s the definition of cognition.

Need say more? – Yes, “Cognition” - I say is one bad word!


Anonymous said...

This one is surely a brain teaser!... Deepz and profound...

Sarbani.... said...

Exactly, that’s the blurring yet wonderful relationship that I have with John – at a cognitive level where things go blur but they are so well connected that we couldn’t lose out each other…despite disagreeing … that’s how I define cognition. You can see the connection now? And imagine…last year these cognitively strong PMs at lionbridge and I were staring at the rains and today they all connect with me! one year and the connection is so strong! That’s cognition. That’s me missing moments that will never be blurred by history

CLS said...

john, what's cognition? {angelic smile}

Anonymous said...

Acquiring knowledge is bad indeed.
Organizing it is a waste of time.

Processing knowledge is a lost cause.
Interpreting it is a bad concept.

Wonder where that would leave a relationship?

Intimate Thoughts said...

@ anonymous

Whoa! .... how did you connect it to a realtionship.. You agree I dinn run out of ideas?


Intimate Thoughts said...

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Intimate Thoughts said...

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