Thursday, February 07, 2008


After a long long time, a really long time – I feel alone - The word is alone, and not exactly lonely!

It maybe the set of events over the last 2 weeks, where I was the only soul in a 600 seater movie hall, or finally getting bugged of living and working out of a hotel / home for the last 8 months, and not made any new friends, and in general everyone including me have got a lil more busy with life.

It maybe that my intolerance to nonsense and general lack of intelligence in everything that kept a lot of people at bay

It may be that I just need someone for more than a friend

It may be that you want to share a hundred new ideas, but don’t find one to intellectually debate, but in a role where I am only mentoring a few promising souls

It may be I got lazy in life to do something refreshing

It may be that I am bereft of sleep for the last 2 nights and …

Still – alone :)

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Anonymous said...

Every seed scattered by the farmer remains alone, but the master gardner provides all the resouces and it becomes colorful, fruitful and delightful!

Today I was humming this song.." he is still working on me.."

Do get some good sleep!