Friday, February 22, 2008


Ever so many times, does the feeling of “an infinite longing to a brilliant life bounded by finite capacity” is what knocks us down, more so with an increasing tempo and a greater urge to have more, with every passing day; as we chase the ticking clock of the heart, the mind and the body thereof.

That longing for certainty (in the heart), sense of control (in the mind) and endurance (of the body) pushes us into a mindset of where we seem to believe (or rather strived / strive infinitely) that we know almost everything about everything. Can we really be certain about anything at all?

There seem to be so many answers for everything that could possibly be questioned about, except that – (most often) We do not know , what is the question that is really bothering us – and there we plunge into the depths of philosophy(to the heart) , causality(to the mind) and pain (to the body) to place ourselves into of the following paradigms –
  • Why am I here (heart)
  • What am I doing (mind)
  • How long (body)
Now, these paradigms sound like the most basic of questions that pass before us a thousand times every day, but seem to change in meaning with every passing moment – the answers seem to be changing at a gazillion times faster than the questions themselves!

There are voids, there are holes, there are craters and what fills each of these at different points in time, defines us as to what we are, in that time frame against the vast reference of the infinite clock.

What am I today – a sojourner in a desert of infinite ideas, thirsting for questions, that settle the soul in the cool calm of knowing that the way counts.
Dedicated to my friend Chitra - Battle on dear :)


Vinay Varma said...

A very clear perspective. Even your blog is frozen in time?

whirlwind said...

@ Vinay

I wake up every day thinking I should blog today...and.. phew.... have been keep very odd schedules...not to mention the crazy travel ...this will get updated more frequently pretty soon