Friday, February 08, 2008


I was thinking of all the offbeat statements, I heard about me – rather funny, interesting and hmm a hyperbole.

One of my (girl)friends describing me to her boy friend – John is really sweet, extremely chivalrous, just is there when you need him very pally, and you can trust him always not to take advantage of you, and does not hit on anyone or every – very very sweet –
The Hyperbole - Her friend – sure he is not Gay? …nah just asking :)

One of my colleagues discussing me over coffee – How can this guy be so cold and calculating (hmmm.. I mean in a positive way), and get away with utter indignation to rules, and yet win people at work? Huh!!
The Hyperbole - Reaction – he is just an asshole who is difficult to hate – reason, bugger is intelligent (that I still am to figure out if he really is!!)

Whoa man – this fella is equipped with so many facts – he knows his subject and takes people to task –
The Hyperbole – Hello – I really think he is successful because he has better (English) language skills.

How can you think like this – I wish I was as analytical as you – Can you help me leran this thinking thing?
The Hyperbole (in the same breath) –actually, I am glad I cant – you actually are a potential terrorist – you just went to Sunday school a lil too long.

He always calls me just when needed, and seems to be there ever in the nick of time.
The Hyperbole – Actually, he is very lazy to write a mail – ever tried getting a letter from him ?? You see!

He drives really well, and really fast and very skilled
The Hyperbole – He just can’t seem to accept the fact that another car can be ahead of him - :P


Nada said...

ok dude - first off - you are the least gay guy i know. ofcourse there was the beauty parlor trip we did where u took more time than me hehehe - perhaps i need to reevaluate hmmmm.

loved all the hyperboles!! i am a fan of ur driving, and of ur cool, and ur intelligence. and im glad ure supplying ammunition to ur fans through which we can undermine you in order to feel good about ourselves.

keep a blogging!

Vivek Samuel said...

Hey.... see all is comming back so true and well as bomerang. I vouch for the truthfulness and fully jai fy for the facts. I wish he was on campaining in UP for rail ministry.

What can i say fate of US he is out there for good or otherwise. Definetly miss the drives and Tie biscuit. Big can of gyan.