Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Unfulfilled Dreams

You've been living in a dream world, Neo. This is the world as it exists today.... Welcome to the Desert of the Real. ~ The Matrix

And quite coincidentally, most of us live a life that is marred (err defined) by unfulfilled dreams. As humans, all of us dream, and dream we always of something thing much different than the state we have.

It’s quite intriguing that even in our wild fantasies, we define our dreams with an important element in it – Pain – Even in this new state of affairs, we very consciously count the cost of what we will not have in the new state – and that’s what surprises me. Even in a state of fantasy and wild day dreaming, we always count the cost!

I recall from another blog post that, we as humans are seasoned, equipped to deal and define our existence to start with and thereby the quality of life by the pain we are subjected to, the pain we can deal with, and the pain we can at will; can cause on another human being

Imagine the ‘now’, for someone living in hectic pace of a modern day city, commuting by the tube, having a job that pays a little over than needed for comfort, but deprived of any time to enjoy the very meal you slog for, and have not time to sit back, take a pause and smile. And then you imagine a world, far away from the noise, where we dream of the much needed time to sit back, take a pause and smile, and before we even finish knitting that dream, we are already counting the cost of missing the tube, the pub, the noise and the pay! Alas! – We are just where we begun, still counting the cost, and dreaming of another world where we dream of something thing much different from the state we have.

And then comes a moment, where there is no difference in the cost, and then we stop counting the cost, for it no longer matters, and will be in a state of dreamlessness, just to wake up with a jolt, that this was the world we actually dreamt about all along – and the cerebellum kicks in, and we start rationalizing between the desert of the real, and the imaginary world, and based on what we are willing to pay (either for the present or the future), there we go, into another dream world.

And then you walk in the glade, wondering about that moment when we indulged in the fruit of knowledge, that left us condemned with the consequences of a powerful brain, a mortal body and a frail will.

Dedicated to the girl I met just once, chatted a few times, but have more things in common than I gave time to think of. To Deepu - Dream on!


Arjun said...

God proposes , man deposes!!
It always comes down to the frail will!!

Yes - I dream too, but I accept the costs of my utopia without a second thought.

Moses John Wesley said...

@ Arjun
..and I bet utopia never really changes what ever the choice we make

Arjun said...

yep - UTOPIA - it's interesting to note that there are variations in UTOPIA...but it all turns out fine in the end!!

Anonymous said...

it's not our lives that make us different. it's our dreams!