Tuesday, January 31, 2006

…...and here is the answer.

This is dedicated to my friend - whom I call the
'Monday Morning Angel'.
Someone, who has an amazing inquisitiveness, and somehow,
always nailed me with the 'right' question.

Hold the answer please!….that's the biggest problem. We seem to have answers for every thing…. (well almost), and not just one answer, but multiple answers.

The head pounds, the mind works overtime, goes full throttle on the fertile thought, and every single second we seem to be ‘providing’ ourselves with more and more answers!.
Answers! Answers! Answers!

Somewhere deep in the still found calmness of the ‘original’ self, is the silent knock – What is the question for which all these answers are being made? Adrift, lost and pounded by so many answers (ala solutions), what is THAT SINGLE QUESTION that defines ‘me’? What is THAT SINGLE QUESTION that makes us churn every available brain power to come with a new answer? What is THAT SINGLE QUESTION that controls the fulcrum of every thought?

Every time I think along these lines, there are a million questions that come to my mind, to justify what I am doing, and why I am doing, and in what way I am doing! Sadly though I realize that each of them were more answers than a pure question in its untainted form. Every time, this happens, each one of us is filled with a sense of delusion, feel a space that needs to be filled and I guess that’s where either despair or determination germinates. That’s beside the point, but what is THAT SINGLE QUESTION?

To me, surprisingly, it was something so simple, it was too common, that I chose to never see at it. Rather surprised, that it was THAT SINGLE QUESTION that very calmly but sturdily shaped all the answers, shaped further questions, transformed me over time, and now when I look back, at this hour – It’s quite a far distance that I have traveled gathering so much baggage, so many answers, so many ‘compexified’ questions, that somewhere, the THAT real SINGLE QUESTION was lost. Was the end justifying the means?

A little introspection – and something that really battles my thoughts - what were the factors, what were the situations, what were the dreams that let to THAT SINGLE QUESTION, where the journey of transformation began? The question that baffles even more, is, have all my great answers (seemingly which gave lots of success) answered those situations, those factors?

I feel no regret, of losing THAT SINGLE QUESTION.

Reason 1:
Had I not lost it, I might not have had this moment today; to learn so much.

Reason 2: It’s worth the ride to rediscover THAT SINGLE QUESTION.

As time grows, we have those SINGLE QUESTIONs that at specific periods of time transform us. I only hope that I can keep finding THAT SINGLE QUESTION time and again.

I sign off on this note: It’s the WHEN that is more important, than WHY? Get the facts and answers around WHEN, all the WHYs get answered automatically.

Extended thoughts @ http://thatsthinking.blogspot.com/2006/10/culture-of-good-news.html

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