Monday, January 16, 2006

The 'right' kiss

Onur Gunturkun (A German researcher,), after spying on kissing couples in US, Germany and Turkey, found that when couples kissing, 65% tilt their head to the right, while 35% went left.

Here is the explanation from Onur Gunturkun: before born, we as fetuses in the womb begin to tilt heads, usually to the right. Most of us the grow to favor the right hand, foot, eye and ear.

He found that most couples lean to the right when kissing; he interpreted this as evidence of genetic asymmetries of motor and sensory functions. However, he also noted that cultural identity affects the way that couples kissed. Hunturkun's findings give more insight into kissing's mysterious parents, yet we are still left at an uncomfortable place. Most couples lean right, which implies a genetic pre-disposition for kissing to the right. However, whatever codes for this asymmetry probably codes for all motor functions (e.g. right handedness); kissing just happen fall under its jurisdiction. Hunturkun also mentions the effect of culture patterns on kissing. This is further evidence that kissing probably comes from a mostly "nurture" background. Yet, to not exclude the theories of origin previous mentioned, it is possible that the "nurture" act may have stemmed from a "nature" need. Yet, without conclusive evidence, philematology continues to be a study of near leads and suggestion

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