Tuesday, August 22, 2006

a comment worth a blog..

This is a comment I posted on my friends blog, and feel the comment itself can be a blog..:P

Reasoned Cryptic (ism) is about locking few details to be opened by a jealous one, that gives the feeling of “discovering” that they are being thought of, and given lots of attention, while at the same time, letting go of the leash, unbridled – for that endless space (well !?), which makes both smile – though for different reasons – and the reasons render themselves in a cloud of mysterious (ness). At this Juncture, do words start failing, and self preservation comes to the foray, with tears washing, and flowing – you wonder if there is something really called being Selfish (cos, the moment you think you have got it all for you, you really have discovered that - through a lots of variables that make define being selfish) – oh how can lots render to be “selfish” – and these thoughts mush the brain to make one Gooey, and feel that its always been ‘Love’ - All these put together sound weird – really – IS IT?

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CLS said...

wow! hope this at least improves traffic on my blog!