Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How much of everything and anything?

How high is high enough?
How deep is deep enough?
How long is long enough?
How wide is wide enough?
How intense is intense enough?
How passionate is passionate enough?
How far is far enough?
How close is close enough?
How sweet is sweet enough?

...and now of the not 'deeper' things

How shallow is shallow?
How misty is misty?
How trivial is trivial?
How hollow is hollow?
How bitter is bitter?
How crazy is crazy?
How coloured is coloured?
How naive is naive?
How lighter is lighter?

9 things of how(s) that surge the depths and 9 things of how(s) that scratch the surface?

How much do we keep doing these 'how(s)', How ? How? How?


Intimate Thoughts said...

Comments to myself - How .. How did you pen this John - How?


Enigmatic said...

God!... I am amazed!.... and i believe you are capable of surging deep and scrating surfaces...

CLS said...

find some answers here...

alternatively, try this...

Enigmatic said...

hmm... it feels nice to see Dylan being recommended by someone else other than me...:-)

Intimate Thoughts said...

lol - I was asking one of my friends - how does Bob Dylan appear suddenly when girls are in a @$#!@%@$#%^^& state or bad mood..?

Bob Dylan...

I wonder... :P