Thursday, August 03, 2006

..but why..

I am the guy who refrains from asking questions like WHY, WHAT or WHAT IF -cos I believe that these give more answers and not formulate the actual question! - What really matters is - "what the real question is!"

This is what I mean -

..but..once a while you are still force to tread upon things that you don't like, and here are some that I am forced to tread!

WHY is it that the 'same thing' if done by 'me' becomes disdaintful and the same by some other, an expression of coy(ness), fun or something that need not be taken too hard?

WHY does the clock tick slower when it comes to 'me' waiting and does not take into account that there can be equal expectations, or hurt; but the clock ticks faster when someone else is waiting?

WHY is that being a guy means, that you need to forebear and smile, and not okay to feel sad, but its legal and beautiful to indulge in all the same if you are a girl?

WHY is that a guy should always make the move first?

WHY is being straight taken as being unromantic?

WHY is not being analytical or strategic in a realationship (I hate those words) taken as a state of emotional foolishness ?

WHY... WHY... WHY?


Intimate Thoughts said...

I wanted to delete this blog, but decided not to!

I want this to remain to remind me how things can go wrong when I loose me 'cool'

WHEN Thats what is really important !!


Enigmatic said...

what, when, where, whom.... and most importantly WHY?

Intimate Thoughts said...

It's only the 'when' thats important :P

Arjun said...

hmm.. the angry young man -asking "why"???