Friday, August 25, 2006


Much of our life is spent in trying to make things happen; things that we need somewhere deep. When these very things do happen, we get caught in a tangle - wondering if that was what we wanted and many a time kill the same things that we made happen. In the process, expecations rise, emotions surge and a few things get built and a few things get broken.....and... then we return to the same thing - "things that we need somewhere deep".

The circle continues..

Sometime or most times, all it takes is that we let accept the fact that we made things happen and ensure that either - we take responsibility for things made and care for them, or let remain and let the things we cherish for to happen in the natural course.

There are many a things that cannot be realised unless outside a full commitment, most often a life time is too short.

The bottom line - The greatest truths are the simplest and the simplest are the most difficult to comprehend. The answers are simple, it's us who complicate the questions.
Something that I wrote a year ago...and suddenly popped up.


Enigmatic said...

"The greatest truths are the simplest: so are the greatest men." -- Shakespeare

CLS said...

To think leads to more questions that lead around in circles. To not think leads you nowhere at all.

to think? or not to think... that is the question.