Sunday, September 17, 2006

Do we really learn?

Do we really learn?

That’s a question that stops us in the Way… Do we really learn?

In a short conversation with one of my friend - she says - we are what we are and just a ramification of time, that we layer ourselves into something that we have learnt – we basically are born the same – and that’s what we are.

I was beginning to wonder if Richard Dawkins of Oxford university was right – Are we all dancing to our DNA (Note: He made this statement in the context of debating the moral law – Just borrowing the words – not the intended context)

In this context (quoting Nietzche)- Man has been educated by his errors:
  • He never saw himself completely
  • He bestowed fictitious attributes upon himself
  • He placed himself uppermost in a false scale of rank in relation to animals and nature
  • He invented and reinvented new tables of goods and always presumed them, at least for a time, to be eternal and conditional.

As a result of these, on and then another human drive and state held first place and was venerated because it was regarded so highly. If we were to eradicate the effects of these four errors, we would also eradicate humanity, humaneness and “human dignity”

Words have lost it meaning – the power play of words is a ploy that we use to convince someone of what we believe, by essentially depriving them of the power to understand the same –

Basic Purpose of words – is to communicate the feeling and the thought – The power play of words be rifts of these two –

Now I ask a different question – If we learnt- what is that we really learnt?


CLS said...

One, Fonts matter, some words are meant to be written thus for better incomprehensibility.

Two, we must strive to eat the flesh of dead animals to prove ourself to be on top of the food chain and thus superior to all other organisms. (trust me, top of the food chain is the virus)

Three, we can always forget what bothers us by putting it up for the world to see and thus invite comfort.

Four, the fact that we are aware of our existance and question our own purpose is enough.
I read somewhere, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

CLS said...

with one of my friend

this should be worth two points :P