Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rubber Meets Road

…and things set off! Well, this blog takes off after many days of planning and anticipation for this ay – Travel to the “flag off” point.

Meet the team:
Satya Prakash
aka Praxy – self proclaimed ‘great’ driver, hmm well – he is the best storyteller, with a few adventures in Sri Lanka, the Konkan coast and the Malabar stretch – Phew!

Married, still adventurous and chief planner in this rally…

Moses John Wesley aka Johnny – is a ‘brilliant’ driver, hmm and well, is the author of this blog, and has a few videos to prove his driving skills, driving adventures around Hyderabad and the Western Ghats.

Single, Gyan Giver and chief executioner in this race.

The saga begins -
Shipped “ginger” (the car’s name) about 2 weeks ago. All the time that was saved shipping in advance was lost in waiting in the Delhi Traffic for about 2 hours to cover a distance of 2 KM – Result – the speedometer had lots of work to do.

11:00 A.M Delhi – 35C, sea level
LEG 1 Destination: Chandigarh
Route:Sonepat, Panipat, other pats, Karnal, Ambala Cantt., Kurukshetra,
Distance to cover – 200 KM.

Its Praxy at the wheel, who believes that we need to be united on the road – In simple words, one cannot tell if it’s a Left Side Drive or otherwise in India. The roads were black velvet laid out with plush green fields on one of the sides (whichever you choose to refer it as) and with trees on the other side.

Avg Speed – 100 KMPH
Top Speed – 150 KMPH

Before you can start feeling good about such wonderful roads – they come at a toll price of 135 Rs for this sector.

Well, whoever said India had bad roads, please drive from Ambala to Chandigarh, Praxy managed to keep the meter above 120 for a good 30 minutes, if not more, to say the least, they were ‘silk’

2:30 PM Chandigarh – 33.5 C
Now its time for refueling our stomachs –

On the Menu-
6 Butter Rotis (we can cook about 2 kilos of normal sabji with the butter that was dripping off the Rotis!)
Dal Fry
Aloo Gobi
2 Cool Drinks
2 Gulab Jammon

Brilliant Lunch – 65 Rs (yes 65 Rs)
Money saved for eating in Chandigarh – Rs.225
The feeling – Priceless

3:15 PM Chandigarh – 34 C – 500 ft above Sea Level
LEG 2 destination:
Nearest fuel point
Distance to Cover – 20 KM

IOC Unleaded 87 Octane – 35 liters
Negotiated multiple ghat turns, some risky accent driver and generally overtook vehicles.

Avg Speed – 10 KMPH
Top Speed – 30 KMPH

4:15 PM Outside Chandigarh -33 C – 500 ft above Sea Level
Leg 3 destination:
Shimla (the ascent up the hill and the Ghat starts)
Distance to cover – 120 KM

Its now Johnny at the wheel, driving the way he likes best – playing on the tight curves and ensuring that they are no vehicles in front of his car – It’s just that he likes a clear road ahead. Check out the videos to get a feel.

Avg Speed – 50 KMPH
Top Speed – 80 KMPH

7:15 PM – Shimla – 17 C – 2200 ft above Sea Level
Check into hotel and Blog

Bumper stickers seen today –
“Peepal ki lakdi chandan se kam nahin, shimla shehar bhi London se koi kam nahin”
"God Sive Me” – written on the rim of the front wheel.
“Owner is God”

1. No scratches, No Skids
2. Prakash puked
3. Johnny acted smart
4. Prakash shot some amazing driving videos
5. Photos galore


Enigmatic said...

I am looking forward to the pictures and video!

I've driven to Shimla and back ample number of times. And it's superb!

Have a gr8 time!

nalini said...

Hii Prax,
I suppose, your smile has all the driving force than the engine itself. Keep smiling.
Best of luck,