Sunday, September 17, 2006

Loooooooooong time no post

Hmmm...thats the feeling I have...looooooooong time no blog posts -some 6 blogs in progress and...none that are complete . :(

At the end of a reaaal long week - I can already see myself having to run to the airport early in the morning, to welcome another new? week....another looooooooooong one...

Last one month - been a rider - work - think about work - more work - and..almost a month since I read anything meaningful, till my friend says -if ever you start reading in life... !! Ahem!!

Now - I feel tempted to sit through and publish a few blogs, wrap a few books, but a lil question knocks - for what - what are you trying to prove ?

---- News Announcement ----
I am competeting in the Himalayan Race - 2000+ KMS of endurance race - Ice - Turns and twiset- Really looking forward to it - May be I will come back a better person.....NAH :P

To myself - Live life johnny boy!!

P.S: I am reading :P

1 comment:

CLS said...

a) you are reading enid blyton :P
b) please do not pretend self indulgence equals better person making
c) i put 4 posts in 3 hours on my blog so 6 wip = ...