Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quote of the day

I am as intelligent as you think I am
I will be as intelligent as you think you are

~ John - 2007


aisi said...

hmm. good one.

sam said...

typically john.

i'm way smarter than all that :P

Anonymous said...

Anita says - No deception is more dangerous than self-deception.


whirlwind said...

@ Anita

Exactly - thats why I decieve others, not myself :P

on a rather serious note - hmm!
I deceive as much you think I can,
I will act deceived as much as you think you are able to...

sam said...

i was much decieved when i thought this was a one-off quote, please don't be so decieved as to think this is a one-off comment... :P