Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, after a long time - a long time, real long time - a snobby talk, about how indulgent I am, and yaay...felt nice .

The Gist -
  • Expenses rise to meet income
  • Live life - Big cars (crash a few), go off on secret vacations, drive off a 1000 KM
  • Eat out, eat out
  • Try and max out credit card
  • See what it means to be in the red
  • Dabble on stocks and see how bearish or bullish it can get
  • Europe calling
  • indulgent snob, lavish and unabashed

...but some lil sense knocks - 6 months cost of living should be saved ...hmm...ya..yes..

1 comment:

Xai - Warrior Princess said...

we've transcended all earthly attachments, thats why we ensure we don't keep too much money in hand. :P

after all money is the root of all evil

should we ever run out of it, we know we'll just go make some more... :-)