Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To God

hmm.. thats the first thing that crosses my mind - hmm

The way I see it, God has given an extremely simple set of rules - follow them without a question, and everything will be fine. However, I am so grateful that I have a 'will' and freedom to choose. A freedom to experience the best in life.

However, sometime things get so screwed in life, in the head that, despite all odds, you return to your anchor point - GOD.

Now, the problem with we returning to GOD - He first demands - child, give up, cut the rope, and all will be fine. It's hard to do for the fear of losing something that's close to your heart - but, one step of trust and faith, you get the best you can imagine.

I Trust You my God, and trust you that you will give me the BEST. I always come to you when I am at the oddest ends.

Just another note:

Thank you for Everything - Nice to know that you are in control

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Anonymous said...

Did good give simple rules? Did he not give free will instead? Did he not give instinct to animals and conceptual intelligence to humans? Leaving animals to act their instincts and humans to test their morals? Is free will the enemy of god? Is god the enemy of free will?

It's not a question of not placing a trust in god. But can you really trust god if you do not trust that as a creator he put in enough sense in you to distinguish right and wrong? And that he choose to give you free will so that he can judge how you use it? (As against animals to whom good gave instinctual will rather than free will)? Can there be any concept of morality if there is no free will and choice? If we were to act our programmed instincts - the criteria for judgment in terms of 'deeds' does not apply.