Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fertile Mind

It’s amazing how fast the human mind can think of so many possible variations in a nano second – and constructs such amazing (~ wicked) stories within a blink of an eye!

It amazes even more, how the same mind, can quick freeze to “numb”, when one is switched off, and is not in the ‘mood’, or just does not want to think.

What is it that state of disposition which controls how we think? Is thinking really voluntary? Or are we just always reacting to an ever changing environment - which essentially means, that if you place yourself in the right environment, you shall (or atleast your mind) shall flourish, and move to a sense of well being (the mind’s sense of well being ~ ala able to think in many different ways)

What is that we really miss?- the mind not thinking in a hundred different ways, or , that we can’t get it to think the way we want a hundred times over ?

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