Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Winds of Change 2

I am the ‘Whirlwind’ storming and free
Swirl the wind in my palm; a desire!
Crossing paths that do a ravage spree
Hold up the wind? Blow an ire?

Should I hold up, should I blow?
Either is my identity, along any flow

Is there ever calm for a whirlwind
Heard I that, there is one
In the eye of the whirlwind
Calm, only if in the center, there is one

Gentle is the breeze for one I love
Whirlwind still a force, humbly bow

Blown, rested, stormed, soothed
Long I for calm, and welcomed love
Calmed, not subdued, but soothed
Whirlwind, I am, forever and now

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