Saturday, February 21, 2009

Entering the world of Mobile blogging

Modern Man's best friend in the corporate world - the Blackberry.

It helps you browse, play games, check match scores, chat and ya make phone calls, and kill boredom during long corporate speeches, meetings, waiting for the girl to come etc etc. Oh yeah, you can check all your personal mails, book movie tickets, find addresses / directions and....and....and.... Check office mail and ignore it all!

Now I can blog sitting on the pot!!! Did all the girls say eh! Let me share some disgusting secret - you girls never know how many times your guy answered the phone sitting like a king on the Pot. Hehhehehhehe

Mobile blogging Zindabad


Sam said...


freeze-dried said...

ha ha ha! you are dreadful sometimes

Arjun said...

i'd be soooo deaddddd without my blackberry!!