Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today was my Parents wedding anniversary. 33 years of married life.

They say that it feels like 33 days. And how true - when we look back on our lives, many things and the most important things feel like they happened yesterday, and the trouble we buffet ourselves with seem like eternity.

I wonder, and when I look back, after 3 full decades of living, it seems like life started just yesterday. I remember the first day, my sister went to school, and the colours look so real and her oiled piggy tails so fresh.

So many memories, seeming like they happened yesterday, and now when I see my Parents smiling on Yesterday - it reminds gently, that so much of worry for today at best robs of all your happiness and nothing more.

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Arjun said...

33 years... congratulations are in order!!!
Cheers to uncle and aunty

Moses John Wesley said...

Parents say - Thank you for the Wishes