Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red flags, missed schedules and dwarfed minds

Of late, I have been in Sombre mood . Ya, a lot of it has to do with the worries of an uncertain job market, bad recession and the fast dwindling topline of the account I manage, and everyone reacts very differently to the same.

'Friends' who have never been in touch start calling 2-3 times a day asking me for references and help updating the CVs, Pals offer advice, close ones offer fortitude and the rest with whom you work, offer Red Flags, missed schedules and dwarfed minds.

It’s perplexing how this whole concept of Red Flags, Missed Schedules and Dwarfed minds work both at work and in life in general.

At work, when red flags are raised early on, you are an asshole and the same when raised by the world over, after something gets screwed and you refuse to be part of the “orgasmic futile dwarfed ‘intellectual’ discussion”, you are again being an Asshole – wake up – either grow balls, or take pride in being diminutive (and I guess there is nothing wrong with that).

In life, fortunately it’s not driven by schedules and P/L accounts – yes, the bills do worry me, but that has its place and that’s about it. I like the few who can look into your eye, and tell you much before, hey John – I think you are taking too much of a risk or this may be bad for you there by in a way raise the red flag – and at the same time give you the freedom saying – it’s your life – It’s wonderful to have them around, and yes – you can count them using as few fingers as possible. And the rest really don’t matter, as they supply you with a bundle of red flags constantly with which you can decorate your life, till it bleeds of Red – same - either grow balls, or take pride in being diminutive.

Ya, this blog is strong and intense – have a problem, press ALT+F4 or even better CTRL+ALT+DEL twice.

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