Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Tinted Glass

I am sure all of us have at least once laughed catching some one unaware on the other side of a tinted glass. Someone combing, checking their teeth or adjusting their clothes or just admiring themselves all unaware that there is someone watching them on the other side of the tinted glass.

While this is fun in life, I wonder why it becomes so exceptionally dirty in work life. People talking and behaving oblivious that there are no closed rooms or cubicles, but just tinted glass(es) on all 6 sides.

One thing is for sure. How you behave when you are winning tells a lot about your character, and everything about your character when you are losing.

The last 2 weeks has given me a chance to look at myself through this tinted glass, and it was ______ seeing myself that way.

You discover a few subdued traits of yourself, experience a different depth of emotion and have a muffled laugh meeting yourself all over again.

The best part is when you realize the convictions, beliefs and ideas you swore by suddenly don't appear and you wonder. And then you sit back, see the world on the other side of the tinted glass and finally laugh.

To life


Arjun said...

being able to look at yourself through that tinted glass and still recognize the image....that's an achievement...
Most of us are content at looking at others - not risking the self assessment.

Moses John Wesley said...

it's nice to see yourself, and especially the not so nice part of you - makes your realize that you are still human and just another human.