Monday, June 11, 2007


Courage is the ability to accept the way you are, every time and all the time.

Let’s take this scenario from the movie Ta ra rum pum:

Xai: Why can't the parents tell the kids that they are broke? Do they think that the kids can’t understand and handle the truth?

WW: Well, it’s not a question of whether the kids can understand or not, but the parents cannot handle the truth and hence are afraid and think the kids can’t handle it.

That’s the truth of the matter - Most often than not, when we hold back an opinion or camouflage a situation to sound "politically right" or just “stay quiet”, thinking the other person cannot handle the truth, the reality of the fact is that, we do not have the courage to face it up, and really deal with it, and pass it off as the other person not ready to handle it.

Well, an argument can be made, that it’s not always that way with all - I disagree - the fact that you thought about some person with regards to a matter, is proof enough that person is a stakeholder and you cannot really solve the situation by staying quiet. All that you manage to do is insult the other person’s judgment with a myopic view, and also cringe within that you were not able to say what you wanted to say.

Sooner or later, the other person will know what was not said - and hmmm, I am sure, it’s always been, the other person handled it better than you ever imagined.

Well - Courage! Who was the coward?

I end on the same note:
Courage is the ability to accept the way you are, every time and all the time, and have the guts to look into your own soul, there by letting you look deep into someone's eye.

Dedicated to Anita, who wanted me to write on Courage a long long time ago...
~ to life - John 2007

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