Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life on mortgage

Dreams, hope, love, relationships, career and a thousand other words and their interplay with bold italic words of being responsible, planning ahead, negotiating well, sharp thinking, selling etc, all just to get ahead in the rat race, a little more push in the career, and little more in life, a few more dollars, a few more smiles and then will pause and take the sip of gratification and pause, and then take some rest.

... and then that one thing that has been justified by a million words, every day with a passing finesse of every vaporizing moment comes knocking on - at what price, at what cost?

... a few moments of happiness, a few moments of pleasure, a few moments of living, a few moments of being nice, a few moments of sipping off the vintage wine that we brewed over tears and toil are all lost for eternity for sure, a one moment a time.

The mirage scintillates in the shimmer of hope and the promise of a new day, that we'll live, not pay the cost anymore, reduce the price and start living - but once you get a little closer, the mirage flees and the shimmering appears again - In all this, we wake up angry every day, have become critical to a point that we forget that we exist and see the world from a diminished height and a shallow depth, have reduced life to numbers, numbers in salary, numbers in age, numbers in marks, where life progresses on - though where, I question.

... suddenly you realize that you are 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 and may be staring at death - and regret that you have been dying all along, and death is just the cruel joke that is laughing at you saying, did you really deserve to live, you have forgotten - and reality dawns !

How many days, moments, achievements, jobs, qualifications, friends, family members are there that we can look back upon and smile to ourselves a smile of gratification!

What a pity, life is on a mortgage - a mortgage that doesn’t diminish but accrued with every passing day!
Life on a mortgage!


Arjun said...

this is heavy stuff
johnny - you are supposed to be working......
not ruminating

whirlwind said...

@ Arjun...

Should have chosen a lighter word than ruminating !! You see...thats the whole point

all that matters said...

That was some pessimistic stuff from an optimist :). However, it makes a lotta sense

You could write a song outta this.
"Life on a mortgage". Give it a shot WW, seriously!

Anonymous said...

wat abt the interest factor - a mortgage w/o interest

PrashantBatra said...

So the doctor has ordered mankind to do what ???

- stop and smell the flowers ?

Anonymous said...

On the flip side, when we expect others to behave in a way that life becomes more pleasurable, how many moments have we spent in making life a pleasure for someone else...If we just open the window and see, a moment of patience is probably all that is needed..

Do unto others as you want them to do unto you..Matt Ch7:12

We always expect people to overlook and be noble , but what happens when it is our turn..Now that Iam managing several complex relationships myself..this is one insight I have that it is surely easy to give but needs divine help to forgive..and most importantly to let go..after you forgive..


Nada said...

u hit upon a raw nerve as u usually do... screw this number game - our lives really have been hijacked somewhere along the way. and the worst part is that we do it to ourselves. and while moments of illumination such as this article do occur, they are fleeting and then we get back to the rat race again