Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No - Just a Plain No

I have realised that most often, we complain that we really did not have a choice, succumbed to pressure, or had to be politically correct, or had to take a stand in favour of the tilted-weighted circumstances, and saying a "No" was impossible and by default seen as wrong.

After a series of meetings today at office, and some rather stupid arbitrary intellectual orgasms and a plethora of reasons why somethings are justified as being right, despite the facts screaming other wise, and some anecdotes from personal experience, I believe this is the primary problem.

We do not really have the courage and the conviction to say a 'No' to our self, before we take an external stance. I guess, dealing with a binary answer at a microcosm level of self, demands the greatest of faith and courage (unfortunately) in our own self.

We are bred and live in a world where we strive to get an approval for every thing that we do, and somewhere compete, constantly battle the fear of a loss, and run the endless race of something better awaiting further ahead, and dangle between reality, hope, aspiration, logic, rationality and truth in that order.

For once I end my blog with an open ended question - Can you say 'yes' to your conviction of a 'no' and not feel afraid of your conviction, and have the courage to say a 'No' to yourself, the external world?

Why do we really gain by saying 'yes' against all this?

~to death John 2007

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Xai said...

what you have to gain by saying yes to whatever comes your way:

=> external approval
=> peace all around
=> an easy way out
=> a feeling of matyrdom (over the "sacrifice" that you made)

why the fake bullets? because the post is labelled "pointy haired guy speaks" :P